Nashville has always been one of the epicenters of American music. In the 1920’s The Grand Ole Opry began to blaze the trail forward and by the 1940’s, classic recordings were coming out of Nashville by the dozens. Recently Music City has become the nation’s leader in recording and a powerful force in the music business. There are more professional musicians in the Nashville Metropolitan area than anywhere else in the country. Nashville truly is ground zero for some of the most exciting music anywhere. If you’ve come to Nashville to make a life-changing record, you’ve come to the right place!

As an artist making a professional recording, you want to work in an environment that gives you the feeling that anything is possible and the record you’ve always dreamed of making…can be made. Over the last ten years, hundreds of artists and musicians have told us that recording­ at 16 Ton was the best studio experience they’ve ever experienced. Creating this kind of reaction is what we do at 16 Ton and what we are all about. We provide a recording experience that combines some of the best rooms in town, designed by world class acousticians, with top shelf equipment and talented engineers to give you, the artist….the recording of a lifetime


16 Ton Studios opened on Music Row in Nashville in 2004. The studio was painstakingly built into a classic 1897 Victorian building after a complete renovation with high level acoustic treatments. 16 Ton Studios are located in the heart of Music Row at 1008 16th Avenue South. Our studio, over the years has had great success and the renovation of the building won the Metropolitan Davidson County Preservation Award for architectural excellence in a commercial space in 2005.

The studios were designed to the specifications of world renowned studio designer Tom Hidley and built by Michael Cronin of Cronin Acoustical Construction in Nashville. The control room was tuned by Bob Hodas of Bob Hodas Acoustic Analysis in Berkeley, California.

Studio 1 offers an incredible tracking or mixing experience behind the custom built tube-based Dymaxion console. In Studio 2, the artist is treated to the experience of working with our vintage API console, complimented by historic vintage equipment from The Norman Petty Studios.


16 Ton is a full service studio with the ability to provide fantastic tracking spaces as well as a world class control room to create the perfect mix.

Our in house production and engineering staff is available to help you create the perfect project from the very first steps through manufacturing. From Country, R&B, Rock ‘n Roll, Top 40, Bluegrass and Inspirational music, we have experience to share on any level.

Need musicians to help with a few key parts or an entire recording? We can help with that as well. Over the past ten years, we have amassed a master list of musicians that have worked with us. We would be happy to assemble the perfect set of studio musicians for your project.

Need some direction with photography and music video production? We can help you with that as well! Numerous artists from Taylor Swift to Katie Arminger and a host of television, film, and music manufacturers such as Gibson USA have taken advantage of 16 Ton’s unique ambiance and vibe to create a signature look to their video productions.